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Sponsor and Donation Proposal

Mission Statement:

41 South Volleyball Club is dedicated to develop, educate, train, promote and grow young athletes’ knowledge and skills in volleyball. Our staff will provide our players with the mental, physical, and emotional tools necessary to reach success both on and off the court. 41 South Volleyball Club is based on 4 core values and 1 common goal.

IntegrityHaving character, fairness, good judgment and leadership

CommunicationBeing open and honest with coaches, players and parents

DisciplineWorking hard and pushing ourselves to become better athletes

DedicationBeing committed to my team, family and organization

Common GoalUNITY: Working together as one. One Unit, One Team, One Club and One Family!!

Sponsors/Donations Needed:

Presently, We are in need of sponsors who can assist the club by providing Sponsorships for our upcoming players. Your financial donation will go to individual player dues and to a financial assistance fund. Sponsors can also contribute financially to a fundraiser itself and advertise with fun promotional items or provide fundraiser location, food, drinks and/or entertainment.

Benefit to sponsors:

-Tax write off
-Advertise at the fundraiser / tournament (depending on level of contribution)
-Display company name on the fundraiser/ tournament program
-Display company name and link to web on club’s web site

Future Goals:

Within the next year,  purchase or lease a facility to become the permanent home of the 41 South Volleyball Club. This will allow the club to accommodate all of our players in one facility to improve overall consistency and quality of the program provided.

Other areas sponsors are needed:

Securing a home in Lawrenceville facility
Sport flooring or reconditioning of sports flooring for the facility
Netting Equipment
Repairs to construction
Scholarship funds for club members in need

On behalf of 41 South Volleyball Club, we would like to thank you in advance for any and all sponsors/donations that you can provide to help make this the best club in Gwinnett County.

For more information please contact:

E’Lisa Ladson

41 South Volleyball Club Director