Sponsors play a tremendous role in supporting 41 South Volleyball Club and individual players within the club by providing opportunities to play volleyball to girls who might never have otherwise gotten a chance to get to play due to limited finances. Please support!!


41 South Volleyball Club Fundraisers

Fundraising options differ by season.  Please check back closer to the season to see what will be offered.

Feeling generous? Looking for a way to give back to the community? Have company funds allocated for charitable giving with no designated organization?


**Player gets what they put into it – with hard work, you can potentially earn 50-100% of your dues! However, no one is required to participate!


41 South Volleyball fundraisers are completely optional for our members.  If you join a 41 South Volleyball team, you will not be “asked” to sell candy bars, buy raffle tickets, or sell cookie dough.  We provide fundraising opportunities so that athletes can earn individual account credit towards their dues.

We want club volleyball to be affordable to all who wish to participate.  As a non-profit organization, we are able to participate in several great programs to help members earn account credit.  You can choose the program(s) that best fit with what you are willing and able to do.  As with most things in life, the more you put into these fundraisers, the more credit you will earn.

Club volleyball is for everyone.  41 South Volleyball Club provides the best opportunities in the state to earn account credit. It takes time, effort, and motivation–but it is possible.  Get involved and start earning credit today!


Funds raised by a 41 South Volleyball Club participant through individual fundraisers will be credited toward that member’s account.  Because individual fundraisers are provided to help members offset the costs of participating, earned credit can only be applied to club fees.  If a member has unused credit on account and elects not to continue membership, the credit will be rolled into the general operating fund.  There will be no cash-outs, reimbursements, or transfers for credit on account earned through fundraisers.   41 South reserves the right to deduct a portion of any money raised to cover the costs of running the fundraiser, if necessary.

Gift Versus Donation

Because 41 South Volleyball Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, donations made to the general operating or scholarship funds can be tax-deductible to the donor.  Several athletes have been very successful in generating funds to help pay for season costs by sending letters to family and friends asking for help.  While this method of fundraising is very effective, the money raised is considered a gift to the athlete and is not tax deductible.  Any time a donor designates money be applied to a specific account, to benefit a specific member, the contribution is considered a gift, and is not tax deductible.

In order for a donation to be tax deductible, it must be undesignated by the donor.

Motivation and Return

We have several very good fundraisers available to our members.  The more motivated an athlete is to earn credit, the better the return will be.  Please read through each fundraiser to get an idea about the time and effort required to participate and the potential earning power of each fundraiser.  Generally, the more effort required, the greater the return.  Get involved and start earning!